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Life Members

Ken and Joanne Gerg

Jerry and Kitty Patton

Norm Ludwig

Gwen Miller

2018 Members

Brian Ammon

Charlie Anderson

Pat Anderson

Dave Armstrong

Betsy Barr

Kevin Berl

Charlie and Linda Bruno

Irv Claar

Roger Claar

Karen Febey

Donald Frew

Janice Fryer

Dale and Lori Glover

Dave Haas

Robert Hainan

David Impens

Cindy and Don Jones

Ron and Kate Kaiser

John Koenig

Bill and Deborah Kostra

Dale Krapf

Hansel Lucas

John Meister

Gary and Deborah Mullen

Richard Rankinen

Jeff and Amy Rankinen

Todd and Susan Roadman

Ed Sayre

Teresa Stout

Glen Vandewimkle

Susan Williams

*Updated as information is available